Welcome to Lights, Music, Action show!

This is our third year putting on a light show. We have spent this past year planning and creating this Christmas light show to spread Christmas cheer. We had such an amazing turnout and a large group of supporters from last year that we wanted to make it bigger and better just for you! The show is comprised of many computer programs working together to blink, shimmer, and shine lights to holiday classics as well as family favorites. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we loved putting it together,

Happy Holidays from E & C.

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This are Examples of what our controllers boards look Like

What Powers The Show!

In our show, we used two, sixteen-channel, light-o-Rama AC controllers, 2 Pixi 16, and one Pixcon 16. That is equivalent to 32 channels of individual groups of AC lights, and over enough brains to control over 8,000 RGB pixels! Let's just say it lights up the sky.

This is the software we use to code the light to flash to music

The Magic Behind The Lights!

The lights are not automatically, ready for the show, as soon as you plug them into the controller, they need instruction. The Lights are manually programed to be spot on to the music. Each song takes 8 hours to sequence to music!!

Interested in having your own display and need some help?


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