The Origin Story!

From Our Hearts to Yours

As every story has a beginning, so do we! My sister and I felt caught like

there was nothing to be happy about in the midst of the beginning of the

pandemic. Many people probably experience this and felt displaced in

the world. We were just sad and wanted to bring Christmas cheer to

those who were having a hard time and then we remembered what we

used to do as kids. We would drive around neighborhoods looking for

beautiful light displays and we found a specific house that somehow

coordinated the lights to music. It became a tradition to go back every

year and see the light show. This is such a key memory in our lives and

so we started thinking to ourselves, what if we could create that memory

for other people? We researched and began figuring out how the coding

worked and all of the databases we would need. Eventually, we were

buying traditional Christmas lights from the bin and tried to find more

each day at our local GoodWill. We tallied the cost and decided that a

few smiles were worth more than a dollar sign. We went from second-

hand Christmas lights to marvelous WS2811 LED fancy lights! This was possible

because of all of you. You are the reason we do this, and we won't stop

because bringing happiness and smiles to the world and families is our


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Evan & Chessa